Want to make changes to an existing process or system but don’t know where to start? Want to implement a new system but have no resource or experience? Let us guide you and assist you.

As Is - To Be Analysis

When looking to make any change within your business however large or small, taking stock by reviewing the current ways of working are fundamental.
We can provide assistance in reviewing and documenting your existing processes, who is involved and technologies used.
With this base and the understanding of your business strategies we can look in more detail at where you want to take the change. We can look to ensure that you have all you need to progress the change through successfully.


Requirements are the building blocks for a successful improvement project. Clearly defined and refined requirements allow stakeholders to understand and own the detail of their improvements projects be they large scale system implementations or small incremental change.
By partnering with our clients we identify the most appropriate ways of gathering and capturing their requirements to support not hinder their change.
Where there are competing projects or even competing requirements within a project there needs to be a means of identifying which to do first. We can facilitate this by providing ways to prioritise which are bespoke to you.

Technology Implementation

Implementing a new software application can be a daunting affair once the contract has been signed, much of the emphasis falling on those area who will be actively using it. Often there is need to have staff with no experience of projects or new systems to take on the roles of internal consultant, change manager, trainer and project manager to support the implementation. We can assist by providing this in its entirety with experienced implementers or to coach and support the team.

Product Owner

Businesses taking on incremental change or Agile project methodology find that there is a need to have an owner for the requirements (which evolve over time) who can see them through from capture to implementation. We can assist in providing this support or in mentoring a new product owner.

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