Knowledge Sharing

``A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.`` ~ Albert Einstein

The exchange of knowledge between our specialists and your team is essential. The flow of information must be two way. The typical model provides substantial additional knowledge to the client’s internal team. This exchange of knowledge is fundamental to the immediate success and the long-term value of any architecture support engagement. Our transfer of knowledge to you occurs through several basic pathways, see below:


The workshop pathway is the ideal route for a two-way transfer of knowledge. This bi-directional exchange of knowledge is typical in the early stages of a project for working through the real meaning of requirements and for exploring the art of the possible.


Working alongside our team is the best way for your staff to obtain on the job knowledge transfer. This informal method of knowledge transfer helps your staff gain experience and confidence in the method, tools and techniques used. This allows your staff to gain experience in a safe and supportive environment.


Coaching is aimed at much longer term and less formal levels of support required to provide occasional, long term support of your teams over an extended period. This can be agreed and delivered to specific requirements.

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